Favorite Artists

This page is dedicatied to my favorite artists. It includes links to their web sites and samples of their art.

Links to Artist Sites
Al Feldstein
Ayumi K
Brigid Ashwood
David Stribbling
Jody Bergsma

Autumn Morning Mist Rising by Al Feldstein

Autumn Morning Mist Rising By Al Feldstein

Ayumi K Fairy

Fairy by Ayumi K

Sylph by Brigid Ashwood

Sylph by Brigid Ashwood

2tigers by David Stribbling

2 Tigers by David Stribbling

Crescent by Goldenwolfen

Crescent by Goldenwolf

Mischief by Jody Bergsma

Mischief by Jody Bergsma

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All art work is copyright to the artist that created it. All other images and web sets Unicorn Dancer. Please do not use without written permission.

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