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Unicor Dancer Poser Tubes

I will be posting the winners' name of the monthly contests and the tube they have won here.

January Winner
Dawn's exclusive tube

January Constest Winner Tube

February Winner
Ruth's exclusive tube

February Constest Winner Tube

March Winner
AmpGirl's exclusive tube

March Constest Winner Tube

April Winner
Nancy's exclusive tube

April Constest Winner Tube

May Winner
May's exclusive tube

May Constest Winner Tube

June Winner
Nancy's exclusive tube

June Constest Winner Tube

July Winner
???'s exclusive tube

July Contest Winner Tube

August Winner
???'s exclusive tube

September Winner
???'s exclusive tube

October Winner
???'s exclusive tube

November Winner
???'s exclusive tube

December Winner
???'s exclusive tube

The contest for July is a voting contest.
All you have to do is vote each day and send me a copy showing your vote.
Send your votes each day to my e-mail address.
Who ever sends in the 800th vote will be the winner.
If no one sends in vote 800 the closest one after 800 will win.
This contest will end when there is a winner, not on July 31st.

The August contest is a be creative contest.
Send in your creations made using any of my tubes.
This can be tags, extras, or anything else you have made using my tubes.
Don't forget to follow my TOU and include my copyright info.
I will post them on a page showcasing samples of your work.
The dead line for sending in your creations will be August 31st.
The winner will be announced by Septemper 5th.

I will also post Awards that the site has won here.

Copper Award Pewter Award

Vote Here!

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